In the last two editions of this newsletter, we have been celebrating all of the nominees of the upcoming British Podcast Awards 2022. The awards, which are powered by Audible, will be taking place on Saturday 23rd July 2022 (if you’re interested in attending, tickets are now available to purchase on their website!) 

All of the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners have been picked by the 100 independent judges … bar one. It is the coveted Listeners’ Choice Award (supported by Acast+), the only British Podcast Award chosen by the general public and readers of this newsletter. 

You can vote for *any* British podcast to win this award, with the podcast with the most votes being announced as the winner on the night itself. You can only vote for your favourite podcast once. To vote, all you need to do is head to the Listeners’ Choice Award website and type in this podcast. Voting will close at 23:59 on Sunday 17th July 2022 and you read the full list of terms on their website.

If you missed who the nominees are, simply head to the British Podcast Awards website, or just search for the previous editions of this email in your inbox.


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  • Jessie Davies (aka. Mini Darling Beauty) is on the Talk Twenties this week. The beauty expert has 3.2 million followers on TikTok. In the episode she talks about her vlogs and the steps she has taken to overcome her stammer.
  • On the latest episode of A Life More Wild, special guest Fearne Cotton guides us through some of her favourite places at Richmond Park and talks about why having a connection with nature is so important.
  • On Secret Leaders, a podcast that features interviews with industry leaders about the setbacks and breakthroughs they have had in their careers, has Touraj Parang, COO of Serve Robotics talking about the 2008 financial crash.
  • Meanwhile 40 Minute Mentor has launched a special series focusing on VC and investors, giving an insight into what the industry is actually like. The special guests include Antoine Nussenbaum from Felix Capital, Leila Zegna from Kindred and Hannah Seal from Index Ventures.
  • On Call Me Mother, a podcast where Shon Faye interviews trailblazing LGBTQ+ elders on their life stories, features co-founder of Stonewall Lisa Power.

Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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The Rest is PoliticsQuiet news week, am I right? (Irony is often impossible to detect in writing, so I would just like to clarify that yes, I was being ironic.)

With Boris Johnson stepping down as Prime Minister, there are obviously many podcasts covering the political fallout. The Rest is Politics stands out because its format relies on different perspectives from different sides of the political spectrum. It consists of a conversation between Alistair Stewart (who served as Downing Street’s Director of Communications under Tony Blair) and Rory Stewart (previously a Conservative MP who stood against Boris Johnson for party leader three years ago). In their latest episode, they provide in-depth analysis of what Rory Stewart describes as being “the most bizarre, surreal 36 hours in British politics.”

The podcast also serves as a bit of a tonic. At a time when politics and issues in our country have never felt more divisive, here is a podcast that highlights these differences but reflects on the similarities we all share too.

+44 Presents: The Noughties There have been a lot of great documentaries on television as of late delving into the noughties revealing that, despite feeling familiar to the times we are living in now, values in society have changed considerably.

It is this theme that is explored in such great detail in this ten part series presented by Nadia Jae and Eddie Kae from +44 podcast. In each episode they look at how the decade was a defining decade for Black music or culture, often joined by a special guest who was a part of it too. Whilst celebrating the decade, they also look at how much has changed in a key issue such as representation, and how much still does need to change in 2022. 

This podcast is an Amazon Original, so you need to use their app or website to access.

Different, with Nicky CampbellNicky Campbell is known for his phone segment on 5 Live, where members of the public share their views on the topic of the day. He’s an effective moderator, simply because he allows people to talk and doesn’t interrupt with his own agenda. It is this skill that also makes this new BBC podcast such a welcoming listen, as it features him interviewing someone with an extraordinary life story, asking all of the right questions and giving the guest adequate space to talk candidly about it.

There are some fascinating conversations so far. There’s a chat with someone who managed to escape from a cult, who explained that smart and wealthy individuals are often targets to join because they can become their biggest assets. He also meets Zara, professional dominatrix, who talks candidly about the customers her line of work tends to attract: “It’s because they feel in their daily life that they are so involved in what they are doing that they want somebody else to take control and submit to and have the freedom,” she said. “That’s a lot of feedback you get from people who are in high paid jobs, or have really stressful jobs.”

Women’s Football Weekly – Finally, the Women’s 2022 Euros kicked off earlier this week and The Guardian have launched an entertaining podcast providing the latest analysis from the tournament, hosted by football writer Suzanne Wrack and broadcaster Faye Carruthers. With special guests featured in every episode, the podcast has a great balance of having in-depth analysis for existing fans whilst being accessible and welcoming for new fans. 

I was back on Podcast Radio Hour on BBC Radio 4 Extra this week with Chris Pearson in an episode looking at all of the greatest podcasts out this July. Many of the podcasts that have been featured in the Great British Podcast newsletter made an appearance, with clips from some of our favourite episodes being played too. Episodes include Westminster Insider with Politico, the British Library’s All About Sound and Hot Money: Who Rules Porn? by the Financial Times.

We also spoke to broadcaster Nick Grimshaw and chef Angela Harnett about their new food and entertaining podcast, Dish by Waitrose.

Thank you so much for reading and we’ll be back soon with another edition next Sunday.

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