Great British Podcasts is the podcast curation brand from the team behind the British Podcast Awards.

We provide a number of products that help listeners frind Great British Podcasts. These include:

Weekly Mailing List

Written by Scott Bryan, our weekly newsletter suggests new and newly found podcasts that we think listeners will love.

The mailing list has 100,000 subscribers.

Podcasters can suggest their podcasts for inclusion using this form.

Our sponsored placements in the newsletter are an excellent opportunity to provide focus to your podcast at launch or for special episodes. There is currently limited availability in each edition and we charge £450+VAT for a placement.


Here at we’re building a website with articles and recommendations for what to listen to, next.

Banner positions are sold on a CPM basis. MPUs are currently a £10 CPM.


We produce a number of Great British Podcasts branded podcasts. These include a series that features British Podcast Awards nominees and a series where British podcasters interview each other.

To get in touch about any of these advertising opportunities, please email