Red Nose Day is back on next Friday, the 19th March! 

To raise some money for the charity Comic Relief they are joining forces with the podcast company Acast to launch Red Nose Day Podcast Mashup.

Some of their most popular podcasts are getting mashed together, with the hosts from both shows presenting an episode together (resulting in some ludicrously named titles).  

There’s Menus To Be Buried With (aka. Off Menu with James Acaster and Ed Gamble mixed with Brett Goldstein’s Films To Be Buried With). There’s Hip Hop Saved The Horne Section (The Horne Section presented by Alex Horne mixed with Romesh Ranganathan Hip Hop Saved My Life).

There’s also Toaster Questions Everything (that’s Dane Baptiste Questions Everything mixed with Tom Price’s My Mate Bought A Toaster), Drunk Women Caught RedHanded (Hannah George, Catie Wilkins and Taylor Glenn from Drunk Women Solving Crime alongside Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala from RedHanded) and finally, Emergency Questions with Joan & Jericha (Richard Herring’s RHLSTP mixed with Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine from Dear Joan and Jericha). 

You can find all these episodes all in one place here, but you can also listen to these special episodes on each of their podcast’s own feeds. To donate £5, all you have to do is text COMIC to 70205 (check the billpayer’s permission, texts cost your usual amount plus the standard charge and 100% of your donation will go to the charity). For terms and conditions, head right here.


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Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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Getting Emotional – The word of podcasting is great at coming up with great niches. This is one of them, a podcast that goes into great detail about all those obscure emotions we have felt at one time or another: from limerence (when you fancy someone and you can’t stop thinking about them) to vemödalen (that’s when you’ve taken a photo of something, only to realise later that the photo is not as good as what you thought it was going to be). Presented by Bex Lindsay, not only does this podcast arm you with words that you can drop in conversation to make you sound intelligent, you also get to hear an expert on that emotion talk about it a bit deeper.

But Why? … with Clemmie TelfordPodcasting has created a great space for thoughtful discussion on mental health, connecting us all with those who share our experiences. This new series, presented by influencer and blogger Clemmie Telford, is a welcome addition to the lot, with each interviewer given permission to be frank about the topic they are talking about. An episode that stood out for me is author Bryony Gordon talking about sobriety and why, even though it is a growing trend, being alcohol free still gets some stick. “I spent what feels like a great deal of my life trying to prove that I wasn’t an alcoholic, because I didn’t like that word,” Gordon says. “I felt that this was such a definitive word, it’s a man on a bench and it’s not me. [But] it’s just a word.”

Spotify Podcast of the Week: Who We Be Talks / The Receipts – Spotify’s pick this week is the most ambitious crossover event in (podcast) history – Who We Be Talks’ Harry and Henrie hook up with Tolly, Milena and Audrey from The Receipts Podcast to talk first dates, weird emails, royal rumbles and more. Exclusively available on Spotify!

Ian Wright’s Everyday PeopleThis is a nice change from all those podcasts that consist of celebrities interviewing other celebrities. This podcast, hosted by the legendary footballer and broadcaster Ian Wright, features interviews with ordinary people with exceptional stories, role models who have done something inspiring and have made a positive contribution to their local community. Three episodes are currently out there so far, the most recent being an interview with Murina, a survivor of the Grenfell Tower Fire. She now runs a community kitchen for survivors and those connected to the disaster, a safe space for them to talk and process their grief.

Murina is passionate about food and believes that food is a form of therapy. “Food is the main component of it, but then just being together,” she says. “Once they come you cry, then you eat, you feel better, you go home and you look forward to coming again.”

A real strength of this podcast is that despite being a storytelling podcast, it doesn’t feel like one. It’s less of an interview and much more of a conversation. Wright is such a naturally brilliant broadcaster, I’m going to make an effort to watch more of anything he presents in the future.

We’ve Made It – Finally, many of us having been expanding our skills whilst in lockdown, helping to pass the time. This crafting podcast tries to capture that energy with a focus on a different craft each week, from pottery (featuring an interview with Keith from Pottery Throwdown) to baking (featuring Kim-Joy from Bake Off). There’s also a special episode about the benefits of creativity can be on our minds, helping us keep those anxieties at bay.

Before we go, the sixth season of the police drama Line of Duty will be returning next Sunday. Shrine Of Duty, a hilarious unofficial podcast which accompanies the series, have released a mini series recapping each series so far. If you want a deeper dive into a certain plot, scroll back further in their feed for their take on each episode.

The drama thrives on its unexpected twists and turns, so for some clues and that extra beyond-the-scenes, there’s the return of the Obsessed with… podcast, this time hosted by Craig Parkinson. Episodes will be out shortly after each episode is on TV.

The Gaby Roslin Podcast featured an interview with the drama’s three main stars this week: Adrian Dunbar, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston. “I think there are a lot of big answers coming in this series, a few things that people have been looking for a few years,” says Compston.

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