As we’re coming towards the end of the year, we’re starting to look back at this memorable year in podcasting. So we’re asking you to tell us some of your favourite new British podcasts from 2022!

What new podcasts have become a part of your routine? Has there been a series that you have binged every moment of not long after you started listening? Is there a podcast that provides a fresh and interesting perspective on something you now find inherently fascinating? Or is there a new voice in podcasting that you love listening to that you can’t stop raving about?

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In other podcasting news … one the biggest British comedy podcasts of all time is coming to an end. The ridiculously filthy My Dad Wrote A Porno, which has been downloaded more than 430 episodes, will release final episodes of their smash hit series on the 28th November. End of an era.


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Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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Big Fish with Spencer MatthewsThere are a lot of podcasts that explore what it is like to build yourself up again after experiencing setbacks and difficulty. This new global series by entrepreneur and former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews is a welcome addition to this format, with his recent interview with DJ Fat Tony being a thoroughly interesting and illuminating listen. 

16 years sober, Tony talks candidly about his experiences of addiction. “The problem is that we think we’re the party, and we always will if we’re drinking or we’re taking drugs or whatever the situation is,” he says. “The real friends in your life will be the ones that come and say ‘what are you doing? Look at the state of you.’ They will be ones who you will get rid of first, because they become obstacles to our drinking. They become obstacles to our using…because they want us to stop.”

Understand: The Economy – Tim Harford, from the BBC Radio 4’s More and Less series, is now behind this new BBC Sounds series that looks at how the forces that influence the money that ends up in your pocket works. Essentially, what is GDP? How do banks make their money? What drives inflation and how is it measured? And why does inflation tend to affect people who earn less than people who earn more? “If you spend more of your total income every month on food, and food is facing a high inflation rate, then your inflation rate is going to be quite a lot higher,” explains Richard Davies, economic professor at Bristol University.

From the start and throughout there is an emphasis in explaining complicated economic topics in the most layman’s terms possible. If only I had this podcast before I started (and then failed) my Economics module at University because back then I didn’t have a clue.

True Spies – Presented by Hayley Atwell, Sophia Di Martino and Vanessa Kirby, this series delves into the world of spies and intelligence, lifting the lid (or perhaps a bit of a lid considering that there’s a lot we probably still don’t know) on how operations work and how some of the biggest espionage and operations were handled. For new listeners, they have just started a three part series looking at the life of Osama Bin Laden, separating the folklore from reality, and the operation that brought him down.

Wild For Scotland Presented by Kathi Kamleitner, this fantastic storytelling and travel podcast looks at all things Scotland. It’s there to help provide you inspiration for your next trip, or give you some nostalgia if you’ve recently been there or have lived there and want to go back again. An interesting fact is that half of the listeners for this podcast come from the United States and Canada, whilst nearly 10% of listeners are based in New Zealand, South America and Australia.

Recent episodes look at the history of the stunning region of Argyll. There’s also an emphasis on talking to people who make Scotland their home, with a recent episode featuring a conversation with a resident on the Isle of Canna, which is located in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. There’s also soundscapes featured in the episodes, giving you a sense of the environment that these interviews are taking place within.

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