With the freezing cold nights drawing in can be rather difficult on our mental health (this is certainly the case for me) so let’s take a quick look at podcasts that feature helpful conversations on the topic and how to improve our wellbeing.

On Feel Better Live More Dr Rangan Chatterjee had a special episode on how to keep a lid on stress and anxiety. He’s joined by Dr Tara Stewart, who recommended introducing micro habits, essentially little self care rituals that you can apply every day: “It is sending a signal to your body that you are prioritising yourself,” Chatterjee says.

ZOE: Science & Nutrition, a podcast that breaks down the latest scientific research to the general public, looks at how our gut health can also affect our mental health. The host, Jonathan Wolf, is joined by John Cryan, who launched a study into the connection. Along with other tips, he recommends that we should increase our fibre in our diet, and cut down on processed foods. 

And on Mental: The Podcast to Destigmatise Mental Health, Bobby Temps is joined by Dr Shainna Ali looking at the benefit of building boundaries and why they can be rather difficult to set. And Let’s Talk Mental Health, by the Mental Health Foundation, did an episode exploring how we can improve our relationship with ourselves.

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Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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The InterruptionOn the November 26th 1977, viewers of a news bulletin on the ITV region Southern Television were interrupted by a distorted voice, claiming to be from an alien, with a message to viewers hoping that our planet gives up weapons so that we could “achieve a higher state of evolution.” The six minute message was an elaborate hoax. It not only scared some viewers, it also baffled television executives and technicians. How could a powerful television transmitter be taken over by hackers? 

To coincide with the 45th anniversary of the incident, Tommy Trelawny tries to solve the case one for and all. It is an interesting deep dive into the history of broadcast hijacking, which is believed to have started with this one. Such broadcast hijacks still take place, with Russian state television hijacked by the group Anonymous earlier this year to show viewers the atrocities taking place in Ukraine. The first episode of this new series will be out on Monday.

Powerplay: The House of Sepp BlatterAny series narrated by David Morrissey piques my interest. His voice is perfect. He could read off the entire menu of a Nandos for an entire podcast series and I would still listen. 

So imagine my reaction when I learnt that Morrissey is the voice behind this new BBC Radio 5 Live series, which looks at the rise and fall of Sepp Blatter. President of FIFA for more than 17 years, it looks at how his time as head of the organisation became embroiled with allegations of corruption and cronyism, with money failing to reach the grassroots football. In each episode, you’ll follow the money: “It ends with a storm that will forever make power in football synonymous with corruption and crime.”

It’s a good podcast series accompanying the World Cup, explaining how we all got here.

Persevering: Grief As Told By Young People is an authentic conversation looking at different aspects of bereavement and what it’s like to lose someone at a young age. 

Breaking down the taboo through sharing personal stories and talking to special guests, the team offers support and solidarity to other young people going through grief. 

Episodes so far include how to support others through bereavement, and grief when the relationship was complicated. Plus listen to the stories of guests Shuma Rouf and Amber Jeffrey as they navigated their grief journeys.

For teenagers, teachers, parents and more, tune into Persevering podcast to hear the younger generation’s honest, funny, powerful takes on life and loss.

Carousel Radio – This podcast amplifies artists and radio presenters with a learning disability, with contributors performing their favourite music, spoken word and poems or sharing their favourite stories. 

Each episode features different presenters and contributors. The production is sharp and engaging, whilst the stories and topics provided by guest presenters are engaging and entertaining. This podcast was also recommended to us by one of our readers: “Usually these kinds of podcasts are facilitated – but this is entirely led by the learning disabled artists and it feels so free!”

This podcast pushes for greater representation of disabled people in mainstream media. To find out more about their work, head to their website.

Spooky Shit with Jamali MaddixOur final recommendation this week is the return of the British Podcast Award-winning comedy series Spooky Shit, where spooky sceptic Jamali Maddix invites a famous guest to share a spooky story or creepy tale, and Maddix pours water on it and brings it down to earth. This dynamic is rather hilarious, made all the more immersive with the use of well thought through production effects. 

Just so you know this is an Audible Original, so you need to be an Audible subscriber to listen, but listening to an episode does not use up any of your existing credits.

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