This week we all learnt of the sad passing of the comedian and broadcaster Paul O’Grady, at the age of 67. Many people have been sharing great stories, such as that O’Grady insisted on putting adverts for roles on his chat shows in local job centres. “He wanted anyone and everyone to be able to apply so they could get a break like he had,” said TV Creative Director Mark Downie on Twitter. “And it made the show better.”

Paul O’Grady was a frequent guest on podcasts and a fascinating guest too. On The Party with Jodie Harsh, he talked about how he started performing as Lily Savage whilst on a bar job. “I said that I could do better than the compere or whoever he was, so they said ‘go on then.’ And so the following week, up I got and I just did it. It was never a career move.”

On The Gaby Roslin Podcast he talked about how his upbringing made him a comedian. “I think I was lucky with my lot growing up with my family in a working class household, with half of them merchant navy and the rest Irish farmers,” he said. “It was a combination. And then of course, you had all my neighbours who were all characters in their own right. You didn’t realise at the time, it was only in retrospect.”

BBC Sounds has collated a special playlist . You can also listen to him on an episode of Desert Island Discs back in 2003.


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Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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Detectives Don’t Sleep – From the makers of the hugely popular Short History Of…  and the Real Dictators podcast, comes this new series delving into some of the most extraordinary crime stories of all time. 

The first episode looks at the story from the 1920s of a missing bank messenger whose body was mysteriously found pickled. Each episode looks primarily from the perspective of the detectives trying to uncover the truth, weaved together with great storytelling and addictive narration.

Nicola SturgeonLast month Nicola Sturgeon unexpectedly stood down as Scottish First Minister and SNP leader, sparking a big discussion about her political legacy. 

This new BBC Scotland podcast looks back at her career, featuring a mixture of interviews and insights from her political friends and foes. This series starts with a look at her shock resignation, asking one big question: why did it happen?

My Little Coco Podcast – If you’re new to parenthood (or if parenthood is around the corner), the new series of this podcast presented by Rochelle Humes features lots of advice and tips. There are also lots of anecdotes that might make you say “same,” helping to lift some of the isolation that can happen raising a little one from home. 

Episodes so far look at breastfeeding, birthing plans and  one of the most important aspects of all … sleep.

Tony Robinson’s Cunningcast – Tony Robinson has started his own podcast going deep on topics that interest him. So, naturally, there’s an entire forty minute episode where he talks about pies with two guests, including a Bake Off winner. 

Not many podcasts would be able to get away with this, but Tony Robinson does so because he oozes charm and enthusiasm. You also learn something new as well.

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