Clare Balding looks at the different ways dogs enrich our lives, Tom Price & Samatha Baines scroll through their celebrity guests recent amazon purchases, Tiffany Jenkins goes behind the scenes at the Museum & a true crime podcast………

Calling all true crime podcast fans. Podcast Live has just announced a special two night event featuring some of Britain’s biggest true crime podcasts, from Unheard:The Fred and Rose West Tapes to Drunk Women Solving Crime and RedHanded

Podcast Live: Crime will be at the famous Wilton Music Hall in London on April 7th and April 8th, but with 350 tickets only available each night, it is likely to sell out very quickly. 

For pricing and ticket information, just head to their website.

Here are some shows worth looking at over the next week: 

Dogcast with Clare Balding – It’s a podcast about dogs. Do I need to say more? (My editor says that I actually *do* need to say more).

Clare Balding presents this new series looking at the different ways dogs enrich our lives and how we can best care for them. But this podcast is not just for owners, it’s also for those who don’t have dogs but are interested in one day having their own. The first episode looks at how to choose the right dog breed that compliments your lifestyle, featuring an interview with dog expert Jessica Holm, who comes out with this rather hilarious anecdote: “French bulldogs don’t do personal space at all. They will literally sit on your face.” 

Future episodes will feature David Blunkett talking about his guide dogs and Si King from The Hairy Bikers on the practicalities of taking a dog on long haul flights. Oh by the way, if you hear a dog barking in the podcast theme tune it’s Archie, Clare’s Tibetan Terrier. 

My Mate Bought A Toaster – Having a scroll through someone’s Amazon purchase history is like stepping directly into their soul. That’s the takeaway from listening to this inspired podcast idea by Tom Price and Samantha Baines, who get their celebrity guest to actively scroll through all their recent Amazon purchases alongside them. You know, those purchases you make at 3am, those purchases that look frankly weird without context. The joy is the guest’s defence on all the reasons why that purchase was not that bad. The first series has just wrapped up, but there’s a great series one highlights episode just out that you can get into.

Behind The Scenes at the Museum – An interesting podcast looking at subjects and controversies currently being addressed in the cultural world, hosted by Tiffany Jenkins. Their most recent episode looks at censorship and self-censorship in the arts, why it is happening and the impact and risks it poses to our national culture. Rather interestingly, censorship and self-censorship is a much more complicated issue than you first think it is, and the discussion that takes place into the reasons within the episode is not a typical for/against discussion.

Making a Monster: The Tapes – An accompaniment to the recent TV show on Crime+Investigation, this podcast series looks at well known true crime murders from the perspectives of psychologists, pathologists, forensic psychiatrists and other experts within criminology. Focusing on a different serial killer each episode, the series goes right into a murderers mind and how trauma from childhood can influence killers as adults. For those who are interested in getting into true crime but not from the perspective of just hearing gruesome detail after gruesome detail, this is a good place to start.

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Here’s some of the big guests on podcasts this week: 

  • Dani Dyer is the guest in the latest episode of Millennial Love, a sex and relationships podcast by The Independent. In the episode she reveals that she is no longer friends with her ex and fellow Love Island winner Jack Fincham.
  • Anti-Waffle, a podcast that features experts talking in layman’s terms about their research, features Dr Matt Winning, a research associate from UCL, talking about climate change.
  • Meanwhile, Deborah Frances-White from The Guilty Feminist is on Pick of the Flicks, a podcast where guests talk about their favourite films of all time (her favourite is His Girl Friday).

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That’s all for this week. Celebrate the end of your week by treating yourself to some more expensive fabric conditioner. You deserve it.

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