Dealing with this time of the year can be really quite difficult if you are missing someone that was particularly close to you, so let’s look at podcasts that have helpful conversations on grieving.

This time of year can be particularly difficult if you are missing someone close to you, so let’s look at podcasts that have helpful conversations on grieving.

Richard E Grant returned to Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner, who talks about his life after the passing of his wife Joan. He says what helped him is imagining conversations with her: “After six months of thinking “god, how do I bear this?” I know after 38 years with her what her response to everything would be. Without walking around and having out-loud conversations as if I am on an earpiece, that conversation goes silently in my head. I find that is a way of navigating her absence.” 

Ologies with Alie Ward has an episode on thantalogy (a discipline that explores death from different perspectives) featuring lots of useful bits of advice. Meanwhile Rev Richard Coles was also illuminating in an episode of How Do You Cope with Elis and John?, who talked about losing his husband David: “It is not linear, and all that stuff about the ‘stages of grief.’ The one stage of grief they leave out is the moment when you get incredibly irritated with people when you think there are stages of grief.”

There’s also Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd, which features conversations with people about who they miss. Recent episodes include Viv Groskop. Plus there’s Let’s Talk About Grief with Coleen Rooney, where guests talk about their personal experiences and what helped them.

If Christmas is a difficult time for you, I hope you have a peaceful one.


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LPO Offstage – This podcast takes you behind the scenes of the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Presented by the MOBO Award-winning saxophonist YolanDa Brown, each episode gives you an introduction into how different parts of an orchestra work and how the orchestra prepares for their symphonies and tours. There’s an emphasis on the podcast being accessible if you are relatively new to the world of classical music. A recent episode looks at how jazz musicians are able to improvise and how jazz and orchestras come together in performances. It is an interesting, engaging listen.

PatentedFrom tupperware to croissants to LEGO, this series by Dallas Campbell looks at the history behind objects that you use every single day. It is also a tale of feuds and power struggles behind the success of now billion dollar companies. Episodes are only thirty minutes long and are full to the brim of facts.

The Razumov FilesA new audio drama throwing you into the world of espionage and spies. Based on Joseph Conrad’s spy thriller Under Western Eyes as a backdrop, the series looks at a secret that has been hidden through generations. It stars Jessica Brown Findlay and Maryam D’Abo. There’s six episodes, with the currently available to listen to without a subscription on Apple Podcasts.

Why Do We Do That?A series that explores human behaviour, from why not all of us are morning people to why we sit down when we pool. In each episode Ella Al-Shamahi looks at whether the habits that many of us have are actually based on the habits and instincts by our ancestors. An episode on doomscrolling looks at whether humans are naturally more prone to be bad news than good news, whilst an episode on procrastination looks at whether this trait was a vital skill our ancestors needed from the palaeolithic era. I’ve been meaning to listen to that episode but I’ll get round to that later.

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