Wimbledon is just around the corner, so here are some podcasts that are following the tournament.

The Tennis Podcast will be releasing daily episodes during Wimbledon, from sports commentator Catherine Whitaker, BBC Radio commentator Matt Roberts and tennis expert David Law. There’s also Tennis Unfiltered, which promises candid reaction from George Bellshaw, James Gray from the ‘i’ newspaper and tennis coach Calvin Betton. 

Also I know that this is a television show rather than a podcast, but I would highly recommend watching the Gods of Tennis documentary series currently airing on BBC Two. It explores the legendary players and rivalries that shaped the sport. I would also listen to Untold Legends, which tells the story of Ora Washington, one of the greatest female athletes in history.


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Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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Marianna in Conspiracyland – Is there anyone who works harder than Marianna Spring? The BBC’s Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent is the co-host of Americast and made documentaries for Panorama. As well as that, she’s made several compelling BBC Sounds series exploring the damage caused by disinformation and conspiracy theories, the latest of which was released just this week.

In this new series, Spring investigates The Light, a conspiracy theory newspaper, and how it has been a factor in the radicalisation that it has caused.

“The Light’s tagline is ‘the uncensored truth,’” says Spring. “It opposes traditional media and believes that journalists like me are lying about what is happening in the world.” The series, broken up into 15 minute episodes, are compelling.

UnhedgedThe Financial Times have a decent set of podcasts, which cover everything from personal finance to extra bits that accompany articles from their popular Weekend editions. Their latest, Unhedged, recorded from both the UK and the US, tries to explain the wider issues in the economy in layman’s terms (which helps as I got a B at GCSE maths.)

New episodes are out every Tuesday and Thursday, the first of which looks at the signs that a recession is on its way, and whether you can accurately predict the future of the economy. It’s a good explainer into why things are the way they are.

Write Me DirtyEver since the end of My Dad Wrote A Porno, there has been a gap for a podcast featuring baffling and bewildering erotic literature. This new podcast features well-known names writing and then reading aloud their own erotic stories, with the other co-host poking fun at whatever they’ve created. The first episode features Jamie Laing and the comedian Tom Lucy sharing their work. And no, I cannot repeat any of what they have written here.

Digging with FloFlo Dill, who presents the NTS Breakfast Show, finds that you tend to have great conversations with people when you are undertaking an activity or when you are out in the open air. So in this new interview series, she invites music guests to help her out on her allotment for the day.

“Join me over this growing season as we plant potatoes with experimental contemporary artists, apply mulch with rappers and tie up tomatoes with punk icons.”

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