Our podcast picks this week include therapy talks with Claudia Winkleman, celebrity walks, managing your money and a satirical take on the news

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Here are the podcasts worth looking out for this week:

How Did We Get Here? 

Claudia Winkleman and psychologist Professor Tanya Byron front this new interesting podcast about challenging family relationships. The format is one of a therapy session, with a contributor opening up to Claudia about a problem they may be having with a parent or sibling, followed by an intimate conversation with Tanya as they work their way through the complex issue.

It’s a sensitive show. Conversations in each of the episodes range from distant parents to gender identity, to mental health and trauma. Claudia reflects the role of the listener, asking Tanya about what has been uncovered throughout the session and what will likely happen next. Whilst this podcast is not and should not be considered to be a replacement for finding therapy or counselling, what you do learn is how the storylines you persist in your own head about a certain issue may not be an accurate reflection of what is happening at all. Also, the value in understanding and acknowledging someone else’s perspective.

Money 101 

Presented by Bea Duncan, this BBC Sounds podcast is for those who want to learn more about money management and how to, quite simply, get more of it. I would say that this podcast is perfectly timed for those who are working out what career you want to get into, or want to know the benefits and downsides of becoming self-employed. 

All of the episodes are available to download now, each episode lasting no longer than 20 minutes a piece, with topics covering student loans, crowdfunding and investing and more. How I wish this series existed when I was fresh out of University, instead of learning about money through trial and error (let’s be honest, mostly error).

Walking the Dog with Emily Dean 

This has to be the only interview podcast where the name and breed of the celebrity interviewee’s dog is given just as much prominence in the description of each podcast episode as the celebrity themselves . 

Emily Dean, from The Times, and the celebrity (and of course, a dog) go on a walk. That’s about it. A recording device picks up whatever gets discussed. I love how unstructured this podcast is, also how dogs really do seem to reflect the personality of their owners. It is also never jarring whenever a conversation is interrupted by “COME HERE BOY” either. In fact, I rather like it.

The Bugle Presents… The Last Post with Alice Fraser 

Once you get past the exceptionally long title, there is much to enjoy in this new podcast that takes the mickey out of the news… daily. And it makes sense for there to be a podcast like this too, when daily news podcasts are all the rage and we all complain that Have I Got News For You is too late with its jokes. Alice Fraser invites guests to riff on the latest headlines in a similar style to what The Bugle is known for. You know, the podcast that is presented by Andy Zaltsman and used to be co-hosted by John Oliver before he went over to host Last Week Tonight in the US. Looking back at 2019, I doubt 2020 will be lacking in material.

Also, if you are in need of some extra podcasts to start this year off right, listen to the latest episode of Radio 4 Extra’s Podcast Radio Hour with Amanda Litherland. Amanda and I gave our recommendations for the year ahead, and we also spoke to Clare Balding about her upcoming podcast series on looking after your dogs and how they enrich our lives.

That’s all for this week, have a great one.

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