Podcasters across the country were celebrating their nominations for The Ambies this week, the US-based podcast awards celebrating the very best in audio. 

Many of these podcasts have been featured (and recommended by you) in previous editions of this newsletter, including The Economists’ The Prince, the BBC’s Ukrainecast, Noisier’s History Daily, Helena Merriman’s Room 5, Wondery’s Who Killed Daphne? and Taking On Putin by John Sweeney.

Another week and another big former BBC podcast moving somewhere new. Earlier this week it was announced that Louis Theroux would be launching a new show exclusively on Spotify, featuring in-depth interviews and conversation. His previous podcast, Grounded with Louis Theroux, was so popular on BBC Sounds that it ended up being turned into a similar television series called Louis Theroux Interviews…


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Joe Cornish, from the famous Adam and Joe Show, is on The 90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest to talk about his love for Joe Carpenter’s Halloween.

Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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EurovisioncastWith less than 100 days to go until Eurovision, and with a Handover Ceremony officially taking place in Liverpool earlier this week, there is no better time to launch a podcast about it all. Just like Brexitcast and Newscast, expect each episode to have a forensic and geeky level of detail, with their first episode looking at all of the national finals taking place in each participating country.

The podcast is hosted by Måns Zelmerlöw (who won the Contest for Sweden in 2015), BBC Breakfast’s Nina Warhurt, BBC Radio Merseyside’s Ngunan Adamu and Daniel Rosney, who is the Eurovision Reporter for BBC News (probably the best job in the world.)

Shrink The BoxSticking with the TV theme, there’s a new series that explores popular television characters through the lens of psychology, to discover why they are the way they are and why their characters have become so fascinating to millions of viewers. 

Presented by psychotherapist Sasha Bates and actor Ben Bailey Smith, who frequently attends therapy, there will be discussions on the psychology behind Walter White from Breaking Bad, Omar from The Wire, and Fleabag from well, Fleabag.

As this series was made by the same team as Kermode & Mayo’s Take, it will also appear on their podcast feed for paid subscribers each and every week.

The Randomly Generated History ClubA podcast that gleefully pushes three historians out of their comfort zone. In each episode a year between 0 and 2023 AD is picked out at random and then hosts Ant, Will, and Anna research all they can about an event from that year. 

Each episode consists of them sharing what they have learned from that year in a lighthearted fashion. That’s pretty much it, but it’s compelling! I think because you get to hear three experts grapple with something new they didn’t really know before but are excited to share.

Memories from the Dance FloorOur final podcast recommendation is a podcast that celebrates the queer scene. Commissioned by Acast, this series looks back at legendary LGBTQ+ venues and spaces, from Heaven to The Black Cab, from the Admiral Duncan to Manchester’s Canal Street, featuring interviews with the people who helped shape the way they are today.

It’s all put together by journalist Damian Kerlin, who has a fascination with queer communities and club culture. The first episode is out to listen to now.

Thanks so much for reading (and listening). 

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