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Let’s start with some podcasts that explore social media. Tagged is a new social media thriller, starring Jessica Plummer and Ben Hardy, where two travel influencers get wrapped up in a double homicide whilst on their honeymoon. It then turns out that it might have something to do with a couple who mysteriously look like them, a couple who have been mysteriously posting very similar content on their own account.

The New Gurus, a podcast that looks into how the internet has become dominated by crypto experts and wellness influencers, has just released a bonus episode. PoliticsJOE, who are known for viral videos looking at politics, are about to launch their own podcast called Pubcast. The Trawl podcast, by Jemma Forte and Marina Purkiss, features the two of them going through social media to look for the sharpest takes on the political world. 


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  • Russell Kane has got a new travel podcast called Pack Your Bags, where guests talk about the difference travel makes. One of his first guests is the historian Bettany Hughes.
  • On The Failing Writers Podcast, a podcast that explores the process of writing and publishing, the hosts are joined by the award-winning writer Stuart Turton, author of The Devil and the Dark Water.
  • Professor Nicholas Crafts, an economic historian, will join Will Hutton on The We Society podcast to talk about why AI could spark a new industrial revolution.
  • There’s a crossover episode of 90 Minutes Or Less Film Fest, where the hosts of the Clash Of The Titles join the show to look back on the Evil Dead films.

Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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A Very British CultA podcast that has been flying up the top of the podcast charts in recent weeks is this new series by the investigative journalist Catrin Nye. 

Two years ago Catrin received a phone call from a woman called Dawn, who claimed that her boyfriend was in a cult. In a more surreal twist, the cult is under the guise of a life coaching and mentoring scheme.

What becomes apparent from listening to Nye’s investigation is how the people who ended up getting wrapped in the cult are not the people you would necessarily expect.

Queer Roots and RoutesA new series that explores what it means to be an ‘other,’ looking through the lens of being queer and a migrant, or descended from a migrant. Each episode is fronted by a different member of a collective of individuals who identify as men or non-binary, who explores a different topic that they feel passionate about.

It’s a partnership between Aunt Nell (who created the celebrated Log Books and Black and Gay, Back in the Day) and The Love Tank. And as you would expect, it is a well-produced, thoughtful production rich in storytelling.

Making MoneyAs the cost of living crisis continues to bite, this new podcast hosted by Timeyin Akerele and Damien Jordan explores the different ways we can continue to build wealth and look after our money better. Unlike a lot of podcasts that step into phoney ways of making money, the advice in this podcast is practical and realistic.

Their first guest is Claer Barrett, the Consumer Editor of the Financial Times, who talks about the importance of finding out your relationship with money: “It’s really really difficult to break out of the habits and behaviours that have been locked into our minds by our parents or the people who brought us up,” says Barrett.

Disruptors with Rob Moore
#Disruptors interviews movers, shakers, change makers and game changers in a unique and direct way. Approaching 1,000 episodes and one of the original podcasters, hear incisive deep interviews with the most inspiring and surprising people. Host Rob Moore has 17 years experience building businesses and a property empire, giving him a bold approach and access to many billionaires and Disruptors to interview. The mindset and skillset of success and innovation for anyone wanting a better life in harder times.

Where Are You Going?A podcast that from its concept shouldn’t work, and yet it does so well. In each episode Catherine Carr walks up to some strangers and asks them where they are going. That’s it. It always results in an interesting personal story from these strangers; sometimes uplifting, sometimes sad. Each episode of the podcast is only a few minutes too and usually recorded in a single take.

It also makes you realise that whilst we’re all strangers, there are many things that still bind us together.

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