This week has contained more twists and turns than I ever expected. A lettuce beating Liz Truss in office for example, or the fact that Truss’ leadership campaign ended up being longer than the time that she was in Number 10.

Naturally, there’ve been a lot of ‘emergency’ episodes of political podcasts this week. 

One is called Truss Issues, a podcast that attempted to chart the first 100 days of Liz Truss in office (errrrr…). The Rest is Politics released a special episode on Thursday, with Rory Stewart and Alastair Campbell reflecting on what could happen next.

“Look, I don’t doubt it is utterly humiliating for her,” said Alistair Campbell, “but to become Prime Minister you have to be sure that you are up for the job. It’s why when I hear these names floating around like Badenoch and Brandon Lewis, they’re not capable of being Prime Minister. I’ve seen what you need to be a good Prime Minister and none of them have it. The only one you think, maybe, is Sunak.”

Whitehall Sources, a podcast hosted by journalist and broadcaster Calum Macdonald, also released a special episode. The podcast tries something different, by trying to provide an insider’s guide to what it must be like to be involved in such departures, featuring interviews who have been involved with such days. 

Stories of our Times looks at who could replace Truss (also featuring political commentator Tim Shipman’s 3 year old daughter’s reaction to Truss leaving.) Also listen out to The News Agents when Emily Maitlis found out that Boris Johnson could be joining the race for party leader. It’s a one word answer. I’ll leave you to think what that word could possibly be. And speaking of Boris, the Wondery podcast British Scandal is about to launch a series looking back at his greatest scandals.


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Here are our podcast picks for the week ahead

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The Witch FarmA lovely, creepy little thriller as we had towards the darker nights. Two years on since the successful Battersea Poltergeist, Danny Robins is back with another eight part investigation into the paranormal. He looks at disturbances taking place at a house in the Welsh countryside. Is it Britain’s most haunted house?

There’s a scene when the couple fearfully opens an electricity bill, terrified of its contents. That’s a true horror, right there.

Your Aunties Could Never – A podcast looking and reflecting on the week’s news and culture. Presented by Aunty Farrah, Aunty Nana, Aunty AK and Aunty Sade, the series has been recommended by listeners for the chemistry and discussion on topics that you wouldn’t tend to get elsewhere. The podcast has also had a great selection of guests over the last few months, including DJ Ace and Afua Hagan.

How to Become a Dictator – A few weeks ago we featured The Economist’s podcast on Xi Jinping, one of the world’s most powerful people, as begins his third term as China’s leader. 

This compelling series by The Telegraph’s award-winning China Correspondent Sophia Yan provides a detailed account into his rise to power. Yet Yan also highlights the difficulty she had in her reporting on this very subject. 

Just Sleep – Bedtime Stories for AdultsPodcasts that help people sleep have been rising in popularity. These podcasts are not so dull that they make you fall asleep. They are more about providing the perfect conditions and sense of peace in order for you to stop thinking about anxieties, and get into the mood for sleep. This series, presented by Taesha Glasgow, has been firing up the charts and has been receiving rave reviews for her compelling narration and peaceful stories. 

Heck, after the week we have all had in the news we want to sleep for a week.

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